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Plea to drivers, Slow down out there

Well, the weeks are moving along so quickly, and I am not sure if this is a good thing or not! Last week in Melbourne was bitter cold, in fact I think it was the worst week of winter we could possibly have, but then again it is winter!

Last week we had many complaints about drivers not slowing down. I completed a number of incident report forms of vehicles reported breaching the laws and not stopping when instructed, and these will be forwarded to Victoria Police for actioning.

In simple terms drivers are required to travel at a speed where they can stop safely if they need too. Drivers also need to stop and remain stationary : when a stop sign is displayed and : when a person is thereon. Our staff are trained to look for breaks in traffuic where they can display their stop sign and step onto the road, we all need to work together to achieve safety on our roads around schools. Respect the authority of the School Crossing Supervisor, they are there to get our children across the road safely but in order to do this they need the drivers to obey, really it only takes a few minutes for the kids to cross the road, in the event of an accident the trauma associated stretches beyond the community as we all know.

On a positive note there are still many Councils, particually in the Melbourne Metropolitan area that are looking for staff to work on crossings, why not contact your local Council and enquire. 

If you think this would be a good job for you and you are fit and healthy then why not contact your local Council and enquire. The benefits of being a School Crossing Supervisor is being active in the community, having a sense of feeling worth, making a difference to the road toll and also a child's life and the bonus is you get paid. Anyway people that is about it for the week, today the sun is shining and the day is warm, get out and enjoy, life is too short.

 WinkDreena xx 20th August 2012