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Drivers a Green Walk Man Means The Pedestrian Has Right of Way!

School Crossing work has it's challenges like with any job, but what we see happen on our roads leaves us bewildered and shaking our heads in what drivers are doing out there, this last fortnight has been very cold and it always seems to hose down with rain between 3 and 4pm, another challenge of the job. You would think pedestrians crossing at traffic lights would be safe, not always...

Last week 2 students riding their bikes across a busy intersection were struck by a car, luckily they suffered minor injuries but still it shouldn't have happened. The students had a green walk man so the cars must give way. This is a timely reminder to always be vigilant when crossing the road, don't assume cars will stop because they may not. If you are working on traffic lights as a school crossing supervisor then you too must be vigilant, don't think lights are easy, because they are not, you still have to concentrate, and remember to walk to the centre of the road so you are seen.

On another note the Vic Roads speed limit review came out last week and you will find a link in our message board if you want to have a read. It looks as though remote school crossings may now be included in the reduced speed limits around school as some of our crossings are still in 60 70 and even 80km zones, what makes them any safer?

It is not all doom and gloom, today the sun is out and we have 4 more working days until Spring season officially sets in. Enjoy your week

Dreena 27/08/2012 Smile