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A Spring Day in the County

On November 30th 2010 at around 3pm, a school crossing supervisors clocks on for duty. The weather is fine and sunny, visability is good, it was supposed to be a normal shift, but before 4pm, several lives are changed forever.

The school crossing is known as a remote crossing, meaning it is not out the front of a school so the speed limit is not reduced, it is 60 kms. A car stops at the crossing, the supervisors steps onto the road with her stop sign and 2 young kids cross, seconds later a car travelling at above the speed limit and obviously not watching the road crashes into the car that has stopped, that car lunges forward and hits the school crossing supervisor send her more than 10 metres down the road.

Sitting in court last week as the case comes before the judge, I look around the room, there are not many people present, just the accused, his parents and partner, myself the injured school crossing supervisor, her 2 sons and the other victim, the lady who had stopped was doing the right thing but through no fault of her own struck the supervisor with her car. Then a handful of legal eagles, the court room was silent, other than the sobbing from the accused partner. 

A summary of the incident is read out, the accused did not mean to do this, he is a normal person but because of the circumstances, it happened and it happened big time. The injuries sustained by the school crossing supervisor were described as life threatening and the list was read out. The injuries to the other victim were read out also. The events leading up to the collison were shared, as this was read out, it sounded surreal, like a joke, no way that this could of been happening while a person was driving, well it was and as a result we are all sitting here in court today, I had never heard anything like it, not even on a soapie!

If this wasn't so serious and real, it would be something that could be laughed about, a story or a joke shared at a party. But this was no joke, this actually happened and as a result we are sitting in court, lives have changed forever and the seriousness of being in charge of a motor vehcile is being brought to life.

The Judge has stated that the accused be remanded into custardy while she makes a decision on penalty. The accused has pled guilty, he knows he did wrong and is remorseful for his actions, a stupid lapse in his concentration nearly killed spmeone. The black and white incident video is playing in my head, the scene, what happened and how it could have been alot worse, I have a tear in my eye remembering the event and listening to the quiet sobs of a young girl whose partner caused this. As we await sentancing towards the end of the month, I think aloud "There are no winners here".

On Friday 28th September 2012 in the County Court sentancing was handed down, 3 years and 3 months jail with a non parole period of 18 months.