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Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4, the last term for the year and counting down to christmas we are! Term 4 is my fave, as the weather is usually at it's best ....I did say USUALLY!!!!

This term we are trialing a new safe style crossing, known as  Omni Stop Energy Absorbing Bollard,

the Omni Bollard is

Ø       fully crash tested to 60kph (1600kg Passenger vehicle)

Ø        meets AS/NZS 3845:1999 ‘Road Safety Barrier Systems’

Ø       Non Gating/Non Redirective – can be impacted from all sides

Ø       Supplied Galvanised or Painted red and white

Ø       Easily repaired after impact.

In the ground is a cartridge (height 800mm weight 28.5kg Diameter Top 355.6mm Bottom 165mm) and it is the cartridge that absorbs the impact should a car crash into the pole, leaving the pole in tact and it will be the cartridge that is replaced. These bollards are currently in place at all tram stops in the City and are compulsory out the front of cafes in Adelaide.


 If a car crashes into the Bollard it remains up right and only the underground cartridge is replaced.

The current bollards in place around Tram Stops in the City have had no maintenance in 10 years

They do not rust or break off and can't be eaten by white ants

Can not be removed from the ground (which is often a party prank on weekends)

Graffiti can be wiped away


and below is the Flag pole close up


Remember to stay safe on our roads and drivers SLOW DOWN AROUND SCHOOL CROSSINGS Smile