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Where is the Year Going?

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays and Easter Break. I was lucky enough to sail the Whitsundays on a 7 day cruise, relaxed much and ate too much chocloate as I suspect we all did! Usually school holidays is a quiet time for us, but not these. An article appeared in the Herald Sun in relation to the shortage of Lollypop People and that has generated alot of interest in this job. Yes in some areas there is a shortage of school crossing supervisors, we need people that are dedicated to road safety and keeping our children safe. You need to be relitively fit and able to move off the road quickly in the event a car is not going to stop. You need to be able to step up and down kerbs, hold a stop sign that weighs up to 2 kilos, be able to blow a whsitle and work in Melbourne's famous inclement weather (4 seasons in one day). If you think you might like to do this PAID work, then contact your Local Council. Another hot topic in relation to school crossings is some will be closing. The realtity is if not enough people are using them then they will close. Council's receive a small amount of funding from the State Government for school crossings each year and in order for us to receive this funding the crossing must meet certain warrants (Cars using the road and people crossing within the hour), we encourage people walking to school to use the school crossings when they are in operation. If you have any concerns about a school crossing you need to contact the Council in which the crossing is located. Next week we start Term 2, traditionally this is the season of cool and sometimes foggy mornings, so always be alert and never complacent, make sure you put out your stop sign at the 45 degree angle, giving the motorist time to react and slow down safely, before you step onto the roadway. This is a great job, keeps you active and in touch with your community, so stay safe out there.

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