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Authorised Officers implementing the laws

Uniformed Officers from the Local Council and the Highway Patrol of Victoria Police visit schools every day during the peak times. The peak times are between 8am –9.30am and 3.00pm – 4.00pm here in Victoria. There are no warnings given to offending drivers, they are issued with a penalty notice or in some cases they are issued with a summons to attend court if the offence is of a serious nature.

No stopping signs are placed around school crossings restricting parking whilst the crossing is in operation.

A “Children’s Crossing” is defined in Rule 80 of Road Rules – Victoria as an area of road.

(a)    at a place with stop lines marked on the road, and:

(i)    children crossing flags; or

(b)    indicated by;

(i)    2 red and white posts erected on each side of the road; or

(ii)    2 parallel continuous or broken lines on the road surface from one side of the road completely or partly across the road; and

(c)    extending across the road between the posts or lines.

Two “children’s crossing” flags must be displayed for each direction of travel for the crossing to be legally effective, but the flags or flashing lights should be displayed only during times that the crossing is in operation, when children are likely to be proceeding to and from school.

A driver must not stop on a children’s crossing, or on the road within 20m before the crossing and 10 m after the crossing (unless parking signs are erected) to provide adequate visibility of children waiting to cross. Generally Council will install No Stopping Signs around this area. The 20m and 10 m no stopping area may only be reduced if the road is suitably narrowed to provide indented parking in the vicinity of the crossing. In this case parking signs must be installed to legally create the parking area.

A driver is required to stop at a children’s crossing when:

(a)    a stop sign is displayed to the driver

(b)    a pedestrian is thereon

Most common traffic and parking offences are

No Stopping anytime

Double Parking

No U turns in an area signed such

Fail to remain stationary at a school crossing

Pass stationary vehicle stopped at school crossing

Fail to keep a crossing clear in a line of traffic