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School Crossing General Information

School Crossings Victoria encourage all drivers, parents and others responsible for children, to carefully read this information below, to minimise the risk of accident or injury at and around our school crossings.


There are over 3101 dedicated school crossing supervisors who brave all sorts of weather to assist pedestrians of all ages on 3033 sites throughout Victoria.



School Crossing Supervisors wear high visibility safety vests or jackets. When you see a crossing supervisor on the road, slow down and be prepared to stop. The child’s life that you save may be your own.


School Crossing Supervisors



The operational school crossings in Victoria are staffed by the permanent part-time and relief school crossing supervisors. The role of a school crossing supervisor is a paid position, and is managed by the local Council, or a company contracted to that Council for the purposes of providing the service.



These school crossings are located at some intersections, pedestrian light crossings, zebra and at flagged children's crossings.



Hours of Operation


 School crossing supervisors work up to 1 hour,  in the morning and afternoons between 8.00am – 9:30 am and 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm in and around schools within the state of Victoria, in line with the school speed zones. Shift times and length of a shift vary from Council to Council.


School Crossings Victoria is disappointed that the State Government funding does not recognise the true costs to staff each crossing. We will continue to lobby VicRoads on behalf of our Council’s to secure additional  funding to support this essential service.