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Bequests -to School Crossings Victoria

Bequests School Crossings Victoria is a group of Council representatives and other interested parties. The purpose of this association is to promote safety and seek uniformity of the operation of school crossings, training and equipment throughout the State of Victoria. School Crossings Victoria is a non for profit organisation that receives no Government funding. We are supported by membership fees and donations from members of the public. To assist in the management of school crossing operation Councils have to invest in enormous sums of money, we at School Crossings Victoria assist in this where we can. We believe in road safety and safety of our young around schools is our main priority.


School Crossing Supervisors have shown to have a positive impact on safety in and around schools and thereby are fulfilling an important community function. It is important we receive long term support to assist us in the operation of school crossings and there is no better way to provide this long term support than by writing a Will and including a residuary bequest to School Crossings Victoria. It’s simply a powerful tool at your disposal to help us.



What is a bequest?


Bequests are a simple but incredibly powerful way to provide support to School Crossings Victoria. They transform your Will into one of the most potent tools of change there is, with little or no impact on your lifestyle today. Best of all, if you choose to include what is known as a residuary bequest in your Will, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones will be catered for as well as supporting our organisation. There are several different ways you can remember School Crossings Victoria and we recommend that you seek advice from your solicitor when making or updating your Will.