Background Info On Award for Media

In 2010 School Crossings Victoria established the school crossing supervisor of the year award to acknowledge the contribution and spirit of the work undertaken by school crossing supervisors throughout Victoria. 


This is a bi annual award, Victoria is broken into 7 regions based on the number of school crossing supervisors per municipality. A winner is selected from each region and then a State winner will be selected from the 7 regional winners. 


The selection process is done by a panel of independent members of member Councils. Nominees for the award must be employed as a school crossing supervisor at any Victorian Council whom should demonstrate –  

Ø     Professional demeanour and presentation (uniform and equipment

Ø     Working knowledge of road rules relating to school crossings  

Ø     Welcoming, caring, supportive and encouraging to all users of the school crossing  

Ø     Helpful – Informative and clear on correct use of the crossing  

Ø     Involvement in the school community  

Ø     Attendance – no time off (other than illness)  

Ø     Punctuality


School Crossings Victoria endeavours to raise awareness about the essential service that school crossing supervisors provide.  It relentlessly promotes school crossing safety awareness and aims to promote school crossing supervisors as respected authority figures.   The School Crossing Supervisor of the Year Award is one way in which the incorporation can involve the community and gain recognition and respect. 


For more information you can visit our website:

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